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The seven year book itch…

Way back in 2009, over a few drinks with my dear friend Jane, I was intrigued by the concept of creating short recipes written in the style of a Twitter post. The idea posed an interesting challenge: Could a recipe be delicious, inspiring and easy to follow using just 140 characters?

Then last summer I decided to get off my butt and really see if this idea had any legs.
I starting talking to friends (and friends of friends) about the concept, asking the question "Would this be a book they might likely purchase?" The answer was consistently yes!
So...I put a pitch together (it only took seven years!) and then started to set up meetings with publishers. Not an easy feat I might add. If you are reading this and thinking of doing something similar, my words of advice are persevere! Don't get discouraged when no one answers the door.  Keep on knocking. Don't give up. Nothing ventured nothing gained.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Because eventually you will be sitting with a contract in front of you to sign!



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